Hello monkey

Yesterday my ego was very present. I woke up feeling so amazing, then it was like my ego decided that I can’t feel this good – there’s got to be something I need to worry about! So I started thinking about the French administration (great subject to think about during vacation by the way). I thought about all the things I need to deal with in the coming weeks. I didn’t stop until I had built up a feeling of anxiety, over the yet non-existing problems. Before I knew it the ego (what my sister and I now call ‘the monkey’) was in control. How can I just relax and have fun when I have so much to deal with? How did I think that I, as a non-French, could deal with the French administration when even French people struggle with it? The questions and concerns went on and on in my head. We call it ‘the monkey’ just because of this reason: nothing useful comes from letting the ego be in control. I solved nothing, I came to no useful conclusion and I didn’t take any action (how could I when I’m not even in the same country?). Why create problems when I don’t yet have any? All I did was to change to a negative mindset, which would make the situation more difficult to deal with.

Every time my sister and I notice that the ego is taking control, we say ‘Hello monkey’, as a way of helping the other one to notice its presence. Then we mentally hug the monkey, thank him for what he pointed out and then release whatever was brought to our attention. We tell him that everything is ok and that he doesn’t have to worry for us. Yesterday my monkey was slamming the big drums. He can tell that I don’t give him as much attention as I used to and he doesn’t like it. He will, however, get used to it. Once he accepts this, he will also feel better as the monkey actually never wants to be in charge. Today I’m happy because my monkey’s asleep. Maybe he got worn out from yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Hello monkey

  1. 1heartsoundm says:

    Good read and perfect way to view ego! A monkey! There is a saying: “Ego is just like dust in the eye…without clearing the dust you can’t see anything clear.” I remind myself of this when ego tries to sneak in! Peace


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