One thing I’ve looked forward to with being single, is meeting different kinds of guys. Going on romantic dates, sitting on the back of a vespa while driving through Paris and drinking wine while watching the sun go to bed (that’s what the French say about the sunset – I just love the expression). Sure I’ve had those moments, but I’m also struggling, because some things seem to repeat themselves. I’m not sure what to believe anymore – is it simply coincidences or is it the universe guiding me in the right direction?

In Paris you never just run into people, at least I don’t. I’ve randomly met one colleague two times in 2,5 years, that’s the most I’ve run into someone I know. Then there’s this one guy I’ve been seeing for a few months. I like him, but there will never be anything serious between us. Every time I’m out talking to someone I find a bit interesting – he shows up. It happened 7 times (!) the last couple of weeks. He thinks that I always have guys hitting on me and that I’m potentially stalking him. Lol. Then there’s another guy who I’ve talked about meeting at least 30 times, out of which we’ve actually managed to met 3 times. I’m not kidding. Either his train got stuck, someone ran out of phone batteries or I fell asleep. You name it – it happened.

When I was in New York in May, the spiritual woman told me that I would met a man there and that our roads already have crossed. Apparently we don’t know each other yet, he’s a few years older than me and American. Once I get to New York we will meet rather quickly, because we were supposed to have met two years ago. We will be happily married with three kids. I’m not sure I believe that everything’s already planned out for us, but what she said sounds good to me.

One night in New York, my sister and I had a bit of a failure night. We tried to get into clubs, but we just didn’t have any luck. While walking on the empty backstreets of Meatpacking at 3am, a guy in a smoking tumbled out in front of us. It seemed like he just came out of a party, he was super hot and a bit tipsy. While sort of still tumbling, he suddenly stopped, looked me into the eyes and said ‘hi’ while giving a smile to die for. Our roads literally crossed at that moment. I know it wasn’t much, but I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about this guy. Not obsessively, he just pops up in my mind from time to time. Who is he? Why was that moment so intense?

Maybe all these things doesn’t mean anything, maybe they do. At least they remind me that there’s someone special out there that I’ve yet to meet. That’s pretty awesome.

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