A moment with the divine

I went back to the healer a few days ago. It was an overwhelming experience and I haven’t been able to write about it until now. I’ve felt how my mind, that’s been fading during the past months, had started coming back into my presence. My ego had started taking back control and thoughts were distracting me from being fully present. During my last appointment with the healer, she opened up my closed heart. This time she opened up the flow of power from my stomach. This power is what fuels the desires of the heart.

She used oils, sang and massaged my body. I could feel how I suddenly had a “ball of fire” in my throat. That was negative energy burning she told me. My throat also swelled up, almost to the point where I couldn’t breath, but I stayed calm because I knew I was in safe hands. In the healing process, old emotions surfaced and I was crying when they left my body.

When she was done I started asking questions about my future (I thought it wouldn’t hurt to check). She became noticeable annoyed with me and said that she will know when my higher spirit decides that I’m ready for it. When I continued asking questions she became even more annoyed, at one point she even screamed at me. I got very irritated and remember thinking that I’m never coming to her. Why did she get so angry? I was just asking some questions. She yelled: ‘You don’t understand do you?! Your future is now, what you think will happen. Everything is now, nothing else exists.’ I was very uncomfortable with being screamed at, then all of the sudden a thought hit me: it wasn’t me she was screaming at – it was my ego. At that very moment, something truly amazing happened.

Something strong, almost like a comet, came from above and into my lower stomach. It was so extremely powerful that I fell to the floor and started crying hysterically. Then she said: ‘Now you understand. Now you understand that you’ve never been alone and that everything your hearts wants you already have.’ I could feel how that empty space in my body, that room of loneliness filled up and I knew that I understood. I felt the connection to the universe, to the divine. It was extremely powerful and it was pure love. Then I became angry, angry of all the lies I’ve been taught throughout my life. When my ego was removed I felt how we’re all connected, that we’re never alone even though our ego can make us believe so. I was angry, sad, happy, grateful, disappointed – all at once.

After a while I tried to stand up, but I couldn’t. I had the same feeling in my feet like when they’re asleep, but it was 100 times stronger. She helped me stand up and when she touched my feet the went “boooing”, like when you hit a drum and the movement goes out in waves. I started laughing hysterically, but still I couldn’t move. She said that I’m not used to feeling this strong energy. After about 15 min I could start walking slowly. This was one of the most incredible, chocking and amazing experiences of my life. For a moment I was connected to the divine.

11 thoughts on “A moment with the divine

  1. 1heartsoundm says:

    Isn’t it a beautiful feeling when such an awakening occurs! Hold on to that feeling—that knowing of Divine presence. Draw strength from it and you will never be disappointed. ๐Ÿ™‚
    This was an amazing read and I thank you for sharing. Peace.


      • 1heartsoundm says:

        You are most welcome. I think for me to answer that question of “how often” it would be much easier to answer how often I don’t have that feeling..(which isn’t often) .But I do remember the first time that it felt as though finally everything just “fit” and there within me was this invisible cord that connected me..sounds strange I know but it just felt complete somehow. Now, it simply is a part of my life, my calm and my balance.:)


      • Maria says:

        Wow that’s amazing! I feel more at peace compared to a couple of months ago, but this feeling was just a new level.. You must feel like you’re high constantly then I guess. You’re such an inspiration! Do you have any good advise on how to get where you are?


      • 1heartsoundm says:

        Thank you for such a kind statement. I am humbled by your words. I also had to smile at the “high constantly” remark! Yeah..come to think of it, maybe that’s exactly how I feel! lol ๐Ÿ™‚
        My advise..Always remember that you ARE somebody…worthy of respect and love. Honour yourself and your needs. to truly love, and allow yourself to BE love…
        Embrace the journey of life and each day as it comes and live in those moments. Don’t hold on to any negatives for they will not serve you. From reading what you have shared so far, you are a very strong person and it is I that sees an inspiration in you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Obara Meji says:

      I was very uncomfortable with being screamed at, then all of the sudden a thought hit me: it wasnโ€™t me she was screaming at โ€“ it was my ego

      very powerful statement, I am happy for your experience, stay blessed!


  2. Obara Meji says:

    Same to you Maria, and stay on your spiritual journey, be humble in your learning, life is a school and we are both students and teachers. We learn from everything and everyone even our antagonist, often times they are our greatest teachers in life and you will succeed in all your endeavors! Share your life lessons,teach others from them and consider this a service to humanity…love and light


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