Being single

I’ve been single now for a bit over one year. I so clearly remember in the beginning, I felt so incredible lost. I didn’t know who I was without my boyfriend, how I could/ should behave or how I even talked to guys. Today I can handle it better, but one thing I’ve realized is that even though being single can be hard, it’s the perfect period to make yourself become a better person. We have the time to develop ourselves and become the extraordinary person that we can. Looking for that special someone, we are in fact looking for better versions of ourselves. Just think about it. If we’re a bit spontanious and want to be even more so, we want a spontanious partner. If we really love our sense of humor we want someone at least as funny as we are. We always want to get the best we can get. And that’s true, we should have high standards and most importantly: never settle for less than we deserve. I can’t stress that enough. But in order to attract extraordinary people, we need to become extraordinary ourselves. To me, that’s what being single is all about. It’s about challenging and developing myself to become my very best version. It’s about falling, making mistakes, embarassing myself, having crushes, saying the wrong things and breaking boundaries. We think it’s scary, because we might be rejected. It becomes less scary if we stop seeing it as a way of getting approval/disapproval from others, and instead a way to develop ourselves. It’ doesn’t matter what the response is from the other person, it’s about you having the guts to do it.

Some days I can be very brave, other days not so much. I’ve had some terrible experiences. Like that one time when I gave my number to a guy in a restaurant and then ran out in panic only ending up hitting a pole on the street, completely humiliating myself. No surprise that the guy never called me back. I’ve also had some amazing ones. Like that time when I saw a really hot guy on a plane, took all the courage I had and walked up to him and ended up going on a date. Being single isn’t dead-serious , it’s all about having fun.

My sister is next to me in this very moment. She’s finally at the stage of being a happy single. She’s set a goal while she’s here in Paris: to go on one date with a real Frenchman. In her words it will hopefully entail lots of red wine, a scooter ride by Tour Eiffel and hot passionate sex. We’ll keep you posted!

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