You’re a miracle, life’s an adventure – together you’re unstoppable.

All experiences will repeat themselves as long as they’re useful for you. When they create a feeling inside of you, negative or positive, they are being useful to you. Learn to let experiences move through you, without getting stuck. Learn to surrender, trust and fully accept situations. Learn to forgive, accept and love. When you stop controlling, you open the door to more possibilities you could ever have imagined. You open the door to miracles. 

If you’re being presented with a challenge – you have a bad manager at work, you suffer from acne or you’re in a destructive relationship – see it as a lesson and a gift. All these people and situations have come into your life for a reason, they are your teacher. What can you learn from these experiences? What are they trying to tell you? Even if you don’t know the answer right now, trust that you already know it inside.

A few months ago I had a lot of pain and suffering. My ex since 7 years met a new girlfriend and one of my friends committed suicide – this while living alone in a foreign country (still am). I was batteling with feelings of anxiety, loneliness, fear, being insufficient and feeling like the victim of the situations. I came to a point where I fully accepted the fact that everything always is exactly how it’s supposed to be. I starting focusing all my energy on the situation I was in, whether it was a happy or challenging one. I started becoming fully present and stopped living in the past and future. I quickly realized that this is where all my suffering was coming from.

When you stop fighting, stop resiting and stop judging, life starts unfolding itself in the way it should be. We swim with the current instead of against it and we’re getting the feeling of being “in the flow”. It’s natural, effortless and it moves us towards harmony, ease and wholeness. This is when universe can guide us in the right direction. You’re a miracle, life’s an adventure – together you’re unstoppable.

The mind is everything. What we think, we become.”- Guatama Buddha.

2 thoughts on “You’re a miracle, life’s an adventure – together you’re unstoppable.

  1. tankeplats says:

    All so true. Your thoughts and emotions are like a loudspeaker telling the universe what experience you want to have here on earth. When you realize that your outer is just a reflection of your inner, then you can really start to play around with changing the outer from within.


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