Opening up my heart with healing

I just came back from a healing session with a woman that a friend recommended to me. It was the first time I met her, so she started by asking questions about my current life situation. Then she asked me to lay down and she held, what I believe was a crystal stone above my body. When she held it over my chakras the crystal spun in circles, but when she held it over my heart it was completely still. Also, there were barely any movement where my emotions are stored (just below my chest). She told me that my heart was closed. Ouch! Apparently this also blocked the flow of my dreams and my power, as they pass by the heart. Only by opening up the heart, the flow could start again. Then she got started. She started by opening up my throat chakra. I had my eyes closed and I could feel a pressue on my throat so I thought she held her finger there, but when I looked she wasn’t even near my body with her hands. She did different things such as using oil, making sounds, massaging and pushing on certain points in my body. It lasted about 1,5 hour and during the session I could feel energy moving around in my body. It wasn’t very strong, but I could feel that things were happening with her work.

When she was done, she told me that I am a Crystal child. Apparently, Crystal children’s main purpose is to take huminty to the next level in our evolution and reveal our inner and higher power. Chrystal children are the next generation after Indigo children, which I read about a few weeks ago. I recognized myself very much in the characteristics of Indigo’s. This is the first time I hear about Chrystal children. She said that it’s difficult for many Chrystal children as we’re very sensitive. Many numb their feelings by using drugs or alcohol. That’s why I had my heart closed – keeping it open was simply too difficult. Now it’s open again. She proved it to me by holding up the crystal – this time it spun in large circles. She also said that keeping the heart closed causes more pain that having it open.

I need to read more about what it actually means to be a Crystal child. That will have to be tomorrow as I’m completely exhausted now. Sleep tight!

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