Strangers telling me things..

During the past couple of months it happened that random people on the street came up to tell me things about myself. This type of encounters has never happened to me before. Most of the times I’ve worn earphones, yet they still approach me. One time when I took a walk, a middle-aged man stopped me and started telling me similar things as the Spanish guy had told me: that I’m scared of men, that I’m very artistic and shouldn’t work where I am today etc. The part about being scared of men was something I didn’t really believe at first, but when several people tell you the same thing – it’s time to reflect. When I did, I realized that it actually was true. For example, I do think (unconsciously) that men have less feelings than women. Of course that belief makes me scared of opening up to men. Another time in Nice, a man walked up to me to say that I’m in a cross-roads in life, that my self-esteem is low at the moment (which was correct) and that I needed time to think (this was just before I decided to quit my job). He also said that I broke up with my boyfriend because I needed freedom, which also was true.

I’m so grateful when these things happen because I take it as a sign from universe that I’m on the right path ❤


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