My new habits: gratefulness and attraction

The Buddhist meditation guy told me yesterday that I need to find a balance between moving forward and living in the present moment. Therefore, I made a decided to start a new habit. Every evening, I’ll take 5-10 min to think about people, things and events that I’m grateful for. Then I’ll make sure to turn those thoughts into feelings. In the mornings, I’ll do the same but this time I focus on what I want to attract in life

This morning when I opened my port to go running, a dog basically ran into the hallway. The dog, a little pug, was so happy and his owner had to wait for us to finish cuddling before they could continue walking. During my run in Jardin des Tuileries (the garden next to Musée du Louvre in the centre of Paris), I saw two goats. Yes, that’s right – goats! During my 2,5 years in Paris I’ve never seen a goat anywhere in Paris. When I ran back, a guy on the street shouted to me “Bon courage !” (Good luck), which also never happened before.

That’s what I call a great start of the day!

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