Buddhist meditation

Today I went with a friend to a Buddhist meditation here in Paris. I’ve always been intrigued by Buddhism, as it feels like the region which is “least tainted”. In my opinion, all religions have the same spiritual message but they’re packaged differently. Even though I’m Christian, I have the feeling that I can better relate to and learn about spirituality within Buddhism than Christianity. Anyway, we started the one hour session by sitting down in a circle. We were asked to imagine ourselves in a place where we feel good and comfortable. Then we were asked to think about people we were grateful for, like our parents and friends. After this, the meditation leader sat in front of us, one by one, to mirror what our heart is saying. Basically, they said out-loud what our hearts are communicating. 

My heart is saying that I’m on a straight path leading towards the horizon. It feels like a very long path, and it’s important that I sometimes stop and look to the right and left to see what’s there. I have a lot of energy and focus on where I want to go, but I need to enjoy the present moment. I also need to share more about my feelings and what I’m doing with others, and listen to their advice and experience. People that I might not expect be able to guide me, can help make my path easier to walk. I want to walk this journey together with other people, not alone. There’s no fun ending up alone somewhere. I was amazed at how true the things he told me were, so I’m already planning to go back again on Saturday. 


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