Indigo child

A friend posted a link on Facebook yesterday about indigo children. I recognized myself so much in the characteristics. It gave me an explanation to why my parents used to call me “a natural force”, why I couldn’t accept simple rules such as bedtime hours, why I knew that I was special and important (I even thought I was the real princess of Sweden), why I didn’t sleep much as an infant and why I got so disturbed when things weren’t done in a creative manner (setting the table, decorating a cake, wrapping a gift etc.). It also gives an explanation to why I often was “too much” for mom to handle and why I could become very demanding and self-centered. The aura color of indigos are deep blue, which is also my main color. 

Indigo children know within themselves that there’s a collective consciousness. This is something we as humans have forgotten how to tap into. In reverse we “think” instead of “feel”, we use our past as a guide for the future and we give the power to our ego. All of this is making us feel lonely and fearful. Indigo children can help to bring us back to our true essence. 

These are some of the signs of being an Indigo child:

  1. They are born feeling and knowing they are special and should be revered.
  2. An indigo knows they belong here as they are and expect you to realize it as well.
  3. These children are more confident and have a higher sense of self-worth.
  4. Absolute authority, the kind with no choices, negotiation, or input from them does not sit well. The educational system is a good example.
  5. Some of the rules we so carefully followed as children seem silly to them and they fight them.
  6. Rigid ritualistic systems are considered archaic to an indigo child. They feel everything should be given creative thought.
  7. The fulfillment of their personal needs is important to them, and they will let you know.
  8. Have a wisdom and level of caring beyond their youthful experience  
  9. Energetically, Indigos are vibrating at a much higher frequencey so they can get scrambled by negative energy (human or machine)
  10. Emotionally they can be reactive and may have problems with anxieties, depression or temper rages if not energetically balanced  
  11. When their needs are not met, these children seem self centered and demanding, although this is not their true nature.
  12. These children have incredible gifts and potential, but they may be shut down when not properly nurtured and accepted 


Read more about traits of indigo children here

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