Un rendez-vous

When I was in New York, the spiritual woman asked me if I could extend my stay a few days so that we could see each other more. The next day when I visited her, she told me not to extend my stay as I would meet someone the next coming days in Paris. The person I would meet, would be a lady without any children on her own. We would develop a close friendship, but she would also be like a big sister to me. When I came back to Paris I got sick and was in bed for 1,5 days. During this period, I was a bit stressed since I knew that I was supposed to meet this lady within 3-4 days, and the woman had told me to be out of my apartment in order to be “approachable”. When I finally became a bit better, I went to the laundromat since I didn’t have any clean cloths. While being there, I started talking to a woman. I usually never speak to the people I meet there, but it all happened so naturally. It was interesting because she also had the same idea about life as me. We had so much in common and a very similar history on how we got on this new path in life. We decided to meet up again soon. She only looked a few years older than me, so I figured that she couldn’t be “the lady”. That weekend, I wasn’t feeling too well but still I went outside in order to be approachable. When the four days had passed, I felt disappointed because I hadn’t met her.

When I met up with the woman from the laundromat, it turned out that she wasn’t 30 that I’d initially thought – she was 40 without any kids. I couldn’t believe it, it was actually her. As predicted, we’re developing a close relationship and she even told me once “don’t you worry Maria, your Moroccan big sister is here to help”. Today when we had lunch, I told her about this and that I already knew that we were supposed to met. She was chocked and then she told me that she also have a “soul sister” who’s about 50 years old, and that this woman in turn also have a the same type of relationship with someone who’s about 10 years older than she is. It’s amazing – we were all supposed to meet. Like my friend said: it was no coincidence that we had met since it was “un rendez-vous”, a planned appointment.


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