Trusting myself

The spiritual woman in New York told me that I would build something from the ground up. She said that my idea would come from writing things down – thoughts, reflections, things that makes me happy etc. I’ve done that now for over 1 month and two days ago I sat down to clarify what I’d written. It all started to make more sense when I summarized my notes. When I had that, I turned my notes into a mind-map where I wrote down the characteristics of me as a person (based on my own thoughts and what people have told me), what I want in a dream job, where I get my inspiration from and ideas I’ve had. I had my core values and key words on one piece of paper. I became so tired from this exercise that I actually feel asleep at Starbucks haha.

Yesterday, while browsing on the internet an idea suddenly came to me. It had all the ingredients from my mind-map paper and it FELT so right. Now, I’ll keep on letting it develop and sink in. Finally, I’m gaining more trust in myself and the fact that I actually can do whatever I want in life. That makes me feel freaking amazing.  

Trust yourself, then you will know how to live – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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