Astrological reading

My mom told me this morning that a friend of hers had done an astrological reading on me a few weeks ago. Without knowing too much of my current situation he had looked at my birth date and time, and based on that given her insights about me. Honestly, I haven’t been too convinced about astrology as I have a hard time understanding how the planets positions of when we are born and their movement can affect us. My experience is just reading the commercial horoscopes in the newspapers and they haven’t been correct too often. However, what he told my mom intrigued me – maybe there’s something about astrology after all?

He said that I’m in a seeking phase at the moment (which obviously is very true). That luck will come to me in the fall, but I need to be careful and not be naive as there are people out there with bad intentions. Exercise and meditation are my two pillars to feel good (the last one is a recent discovery for me). He told my mom that she needs to be close and supportive during this period – but not too close as I need to go through this phase alone. I’m the oldest out of three and since my mom took more care of my younger sister and brother, I’ve been closer to my dad growing up. This has resulted in me not “needing” my mom to the same extent. Even though I’m 26 today, I do have had more need of her during the past couple of weeks. She is exactly where she should be; not too visible but always by my side.


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