I’m not going crazy.

I just got off the phone with a friend’s friend who’s had similar experiences as I’ve had with healing, signs showing up, random strangers coming up telling things they possible couldn’t know anything about etc. I feel so relived that I’m not going crazy (been wondering about that for the past few days…). There are more people out there having similar experiences. 

For someone who hasn’t had these type of experiences, understanding them is difficult. For someone who’s had them, understanding isn’t necessarily easier. We’re trying to put words on something we’re not used to talking about. On one hand, I wish that I wouldn’t had known about this and just kept on living life as usual. On the other, I would never have wanted to be without it as it has opened the door to something amazing, a bit overwhelming, but truly magical. However, it’s not easy feeling super excited about life one minute and having the feeling of “finally getting it”, when you a few minutes later feel like you’ve gone insane. I need so much time alone now to process what’s happening – and I used to hate being alone.

Writing here helps structuring and channelizing my thoughts, so thanks for reading.

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