What I’m looking for is not out there. It’s in me.

One word that I keep coming back to is Happiness. Isn’t this what we all are seeking? “If I only get this promotion, I’ll be happy”, “If I only had that apartment, I’ll be happy”, “If I only had a boyfriend / girlfriend, I’ll be happy” etc. We can get short and immediate happiness from enjoying a good meal, alcohol, ice cream, sex, a new car or vacation. We can also get happiness from our ego by being the best, fastest, smartest or by going from our self to benefiting others by forgiving, caring or accepting for example. Most of these are external factors, which is risky since they are out of our control. 

We’re often not aware that we already have everything inside of ourselves. This is so hard to find since we always are so distracted, if we’re not on Facebook, we’re sending a SMS and if we’re not talking on the phone we’re checking what’s new on Instagram. We’ve learned so hard not to connect with ourselves and therefore also let happiness derive from factors we can’t always control. 

By connecting to ourselves we can find inner truth, peace and unconditional love to the divine, which is the key to long-lasting and stable happiness. When we act on love instead of fear, we can realize our fullest potential and become our best selves. So how do we connect to ourselves? I wish I had an easy answer but sometimes we simply need to break boundaries and the rules we have inside of our brain (which only are illusions). 

Get lost and go find yourself. I like that. 

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